I live + work among tall trees + blackberry brambles outside Seattle. As The Tiny Company Called Me, I provide creative services for 501(c)(3)s + small to medium-sized companies—developing + delivering original content through digital movies, live events, books + learning designs. A lot of my work has been for teenagers, youth workers +  parents — so that’s mostly what you’ll see here + on Amazon. The work I do for business clients usually has their company name on it.

I named my practice The Tiny Company Called Me because if you hire me, you get me (plus a friend or two as needed).

My business card says I'm a content designer + an intelligent stranger. 

Here's more on what I mean by that.


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I launched The Tiny Company Called Me on January 1, 1999. 

Before 1999, I worked at a film + video house in Colorado Springs where, among other duties, I guided the story development for a quarterly video magazine for youth workers. I was, in those days, known as the EdgeTV Guy to a small but passionate cohort of people working with teenagers + families.

Before that, I was a card-carrying youth worker in Solana Beach, California + Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Before that, I worked at a printing company + before that for a marriage encounter group (not to be confused with the Marriage Encounter movement from which it was knocked off).

Before that, I worked briefly as a day-laborer to pay the rent while I searched for a job where I could write while the sun was up.

Before that, I joined a startup 501(c)(3) with global aspirations + a modest, regional presence. I spent much of my time there learning to develop content + plan learning events. They also lent me, part time, to work with teenagers at a little church on the south end of Atlanta.

Before that, I studied sociology at Cal State San Bernardino + worked with teenagers at a smallish church, where (for me) every night was amateur night.

Before that...

a kitchen

a college bookstore

a fish market

a boat shop...

the usual.